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Process Control & IoT

Optimate provides quality solutions for process control and data acquisition within industrial plants using PLC and SCADA/HMI technologies. Our customised solutions utilise our extensive experience with CitectSCADA, Ignition SCADA, ClearSCADA, Wonderware and Siemens HMI/SCADA

and PLC packages as well as ABB, Rockwell FactoryTalk and Schneider PLCs and RTUs.

Combined with sensor data through loT solutions, unprecedented opportunities are created to streamline production, utilisation and maintenance processes. We bridge the gap between Operational and loT Technologies using applications to create and maintain data integrity so that knowledge and understanding of plant is available within the corporate environments.

As a recognised partner of leading cyber-security solutions for Operational Technologies (OT), Optimate focus specifically in the area of cyber-security in OT environments. Optimate protects critical infrastructure such as power and water utility services from the exponential rise of cyber-attacks.

Practice Lead for Process Control and IoT

David Brookes

As the Practice Lead for Process Control and IoT, David specialises in the design and implementation of industrial automation systems. He has delivered SCADA/PLC/RTU and Historian/Reporting systems in mining, water, electrical generation, dairy, cement and food/beverage industries in the past two decades. All the projects have equipped him with technical expertise in multiple SCADA and PLC systems from various vendors, such as Schneider Electric, Rockwell, Siemens and GE. With extensive experience across all major technology platforms and multiple industry verticals, David has a unique perspective in designing and delivering intuitive and vendor-agnostic solutions.

The Process & IoT practice has been established within Optimate in order to focus on business development and expand service capability on the design and delivery of industrial automation solutions. It functions as the foundation for other practices to supply the information to enable higher-level analytics. By leveraging the synergy with other practices, it can perform predictive maintenance, analytical troubleshooting and operation optimisation for the entire operational technology (OT) environment to support the clients to achieve business goals. The key responsibilities of this practice are:

–     Defining key capabilities which form the Process & IoT Practice and guide staff development as well as establishment of external strategic partnership;

–     Design, Implement and maintain the operational technology environment for clients;

–     Generate business leads and provide support to enable organic growth of other practices;

Develop standards and solution templates to enhance engineering reusability and consistency in delivery quality.