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Integration & Storage

The Integration and Storage Practice combines pragmatic OT and IT architecture with extensive experience with all common historian platforms, to provide a reliable record and analysis base of all data generated over the life of the asset or device.

Optimate’s extensive experience with global systems comprising millions of tags to cost-efficient single-site solutions demonstrates we can provide fit for purpose solutions using best of breed architecture. We maintain good collaboration with all major historians’ manufacturers like OSIsoft, Schneider, and Honeywell while remaining our technology-agnostic position. In contrast to software resellers, our loyalty lies entirely with our customers.

In addition to the data acquisition and storage capability, Optimate provides out-of-the-box add-ons to measure and improve system and data health, as well as user and usage patterns to support low maintenance and optimal adoption in the organisation.

Practice Lead for Integration & Storge

Joel Halpin

Joel is an experienced data infrastructure architect, with a unique ability to bridge the gap between data producers and consumers. This lead him to various high profile jobs including leading a core development team of OSIsoft in Silicon Valley. Joel’s trademark style is to work directly with stakeholders and understand their current and future needs, in order to deliver pragmatic operational data solutions that solve acute issues but also stand the test of time. His breadth of global experiences from deep technical support to people leadership and management has earned him recognition as one of the leading operational data architects in Australia

The Integration and Storage practice deals with the following aspects:

    Definition and implementation of best practice design patterns for operational data integration from operational technology sources
     into storage systems in the corporate IT domain

    Design and implementation of system health monitoring and alerting solutions that focus on data integration paths

    Cloud-based real-time data solutions, that make operational data available anywhere and at anytime

    Integration of operational data in analytical data capability like Azure ML, R, Python or AWS.