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About Optimate
For over 20 years Optimate has been a leading consultancy and integration company in the field of operational data. By using combined technical and business processes, Optimate integrates and combines data from contrasting sources into meaningful and valuable end-user information.Our services cover the end-to-end path of Operational Data, from Process Control & IOT, Integration & Storage, Context & Quality to finally Information & Insight. This places reliable trusted data in the hands of stakeholders allowing them to generate ground breaking insights instead of fixing integration and quality issues.Our skills and experience have been recognized across multiple industries, inside Australia and abroad. These award-winning solutions are also a result of how we work and execute against our values of Accountability, Collaboration, Trust and Transparency.If you have data, you can trust Optimate as your integration and consultancy specialist.

The Executive Team


Francois Mevis

Throughout his career, Francois has developed a knack for bringing people and concepts together in real-life implementations. Using agile and activity-based working approaches, he has built close-knit teams across traditional organisational boundaries, around principles of close collaboration, creating value and – first and foremost – never accept the status quo.His curiosity has lead him to work in a wide range of sectors from Energy (Shell, Synergy), Finance (ING, Westpac), to public sector (Dutch Department for Social Services) in Europe, America and Australia.As a strategic leader in information and data application, he has established a reputation as innovator and challenger of existing work practices and processes, by inspiring people to go on the journey with him.
Regional Manager East

Naomi Robinson

Naomi specialises in team and project management, business development, and solution focussed strategies. Her experience spanning over 20 years in mining, construction, and IT industries provides clients with a unique perspective of commercial awareness,allowing them to improve overall performance and recognise trends that can impact long-term planning.Working with some of the largest mining and construction companies worldwide across Australasia, North America and Africa, Naomi enjoys empowering business client relationship transformations and is inherently driven to pursue ideals that are of customer-driven focus and end-user experience.Whilst managing a diverse team, Naomi successfully provides leadership through initiative, vision, and driving positive emotional intelligence

Practice Leads

Practice Lead for Process Control and IT

David Brookes

As the Practice Lead for Process Control and IoT, David specialises in the design and implementation of industrial automation systems. He has delivered SCADA/PLC/RTU and Historian/Reporting systems in mining, water, electrical generation, dairy, cement and food/beverage industries in the past two decades. All the projects have equipped him with technical expertise in multiple SCADA and PLC systems from various vendors, such as Schneider Electric, Rockwell, Siemens and GE.With extensive experience across all major technology platforms and multiple industry verticals, David has a unique perspective in designing and delivering intuitive and vendor-agnostic solutions.
Practice Lead Integration and Storage

Joel Halpin

Joel is an experienced data infrastructure architect, with a unique ability to bridge the gap between data producers and consumers. This lead him to various high profile jobs including leading a core development team of OSIsoft in Silicon Valley.Joel’s trademark style is to work directly with stakeholders and understand their current and future needs, in order to deliver pragmatic operational data solutions that solve acute issues but also stand the test of time. His breadth of global experiences from deep technical support to people leadership and management has earned him recognition as one of the leading operational data architects in Australia.
Interim Practice Lead Context and Quality

Mark Darlington

Mark has a broad knowledge of how Operational Technology can be applied to improve operational and maintenance outcomes for asset intensive industries. Mark has developed this knowledge from over 20 years of experience leading teams to deliver process control systems and more recently plant information and reporting systems in both greenfield and brownfield projects within Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Mining industry verticals.Over the last 10 years, Mark has implemented large scale Operational Data Platforms for Origin Energy, Chevrons Wheatstone and Alinta Energy by working as a key consultant within the owner’s team. He has firsthand experience of the challenges of implementing high quality asset information systems and solving common issues. Crucially data must be presented with the correct context and be trustworthy for these systems to meet the needs of knowledge workers and deliver benefits to the business owners.As a Practice Lead at Optimate, he focuses on the most challenging aspect of any data foundation: data of adequate quality in an understandable context. His ability to address these issues in manageable parts with pragmatic and durable solutions is recognized throughout the industry.
Practice Lead Information and Insight

Alan Lark

As the Practice Lead for Information and Insight, Alan is focussed on bringing operational data to business users to inform their decision making and provide measurable value to their business.With 10 years working in the Western Australian Power utility sector, Alan has first-hand, practical experience using operational data to inform a broad range of business functions including Engineering, Asset Management, Market and Trading, Operations and Finance.Alan has a particular passion for bridging the gap between IT and engineering/operations. Having worked extensively within both of these business functions; Alan brings a unique perspective which allows him to accelerate mutually beneficial and trusted solutions.