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Welcome Jerome Lefebvre to the Optimate Team

Just before we signed off for our end-of-year break we welcomed Jerome Lefebvre to the Optimate team! Jerome is based in our Perth office as a Principal Engineer OSIsoft PI. We asked Jerome to fill in a few details about himself so we could get to know him a little better.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
I’m an immigrant, I was born in Belgium, but grew up in Quebec. For University I switched from French to English and moved west across Canada. I continued westward with my wife and we lived in the Japan for the past 7 years and had two kids there. With a further move westward I arrived in Perth, just in time for my son to start year 1. Japanese at home, English at work, French for my family.
Do you have any hobbies?
Back before I had kids, I would hook a trailer to my bicycle and go camping in Western Canada. No better way to experience a place. This took a backseat to young kids, but there is no better way to experience Australia than camping, looking forward to doing it again.
How did you come to be working at Optimate?
My background is in pure mathematics. My journey to this industry was due to my optimism. I arrived in Japan with no work and a baby on the way, but optimistic that I would find good work. OSIsoft Japan fulfilled this and I started work through the ranks, starting with front line support then moved to supporting building applications on top of the PI System and then moved to System engineering. System Engineering in Japan was a bit of a Jack of all Trade role: demos, workshop, applications support, localisations, POCs, sale strategy etc. whatever was required to move accounts forward. As the role within OSIsoft/AVEVA change to Pre-Sales, the work moved towards more talking and less doing. I wanted this to go back to this sense of accomplishment by solving problems for our customers.
Final Question! What are your thoughts on the future of the industry?
Software is eating the world and that remains very true to this day. What is interesting is that the lessons that software development has learned from industry, such as lean manufacturing, transformed how software is made using ideas like DevOps. DevOps is now being applied back through industries under the guise of ideas like DataOps. We can become a pathfinder for our customers through these new ideas, in the hope that it enables our customers to create more reliable and agile platforms for all of their operational data. This will be a very interesting journey.