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2021 Wins

 To all our customers, partners and communities,

Without question, 2021 has been another unique year, and like you, we prevailed as a business and as individuals. In fact, we have not only prevailed, but we have set new standards and goals together which have allowed us to remain connected to one another during a time we have needed it most.

For Optimate, we continued on the path of building the best team in the operational data domain and translating that in unparallel service and collaboration with our customers, partners, and community. I’m very proud and excited about the number of organisations that choose us to help them to achieve the full value of operational data as a key pillar under their digital strategy. Our customer base grew with 42%, and showed the strong alignment and industry acumen in the areas we focus on; energy, power & water, mining and manufacturing. In particular our understanding of operational data in the context of energy transition has been a differentiator for our customers, existing and new.

In response to our customers’ requirements we launched Optimate’s premier PI system support and OT cyber security offerings that combine our unique understanding of OT, IT and the data integration through those domains. The reception of both has surpassed our expectations and we can’t wait to work with our customers to expand and improve them even further.

From an organisational perspective we took unprecedented steps forward by opening Optimate India in Pune, as well as our presence in Tasmania.

Finally, and probably most important, we kept focus on being the best organisation to work for. We’re only as good as our combined skills, character, and values. Looking at the extraordinarily talented people that chose to join Optimate this year, but also in previous ones, I can only feel immensely proud and lucky. Hearing that sentiment echoed by our customers and industry peers, including our key technology partners, is enough to keep me motivated.

To summarise our forward look to 2022 – we can’t wait. We are eager to continue working together with all our customers, with the best team in the business, and with services that keep blazing a new trail. We’re ready.

On behalf of the whole Optimate Team, I would like to wish all our customers, partners, relations and competitors (it’s Christmas after all), a very happy Christmas with the people you love, and a prosperous and exciting 2022.


Kind regards