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The Optimate Commitment: Making Culture the Heart of Our Decisions

The secret’s out. We all know a great company culture is a key component of a successful business and that the culture within a company can make or break you and the company you work for.  In decades past, CEO’s and management congratulated themselves for being ruthless with staff and bragging how everyone was replaceable.  And that included their customers. They lacked strong company values and didn’t set good examples. These type of past culture practices made employees feel under-appreciated and signal a demise in trust which eventually leads to corporate crumbling and secretive internal stories making the rounds. Maybe you can relate and have been part of internal story-telling as an employee working in these conditions.

What is internal story-telling?

Every company has internal story-telling going on. The stories circulating internally point to what your people really believe your culture is about. And it may not be what the same as what you read on the websites ‘About Us’.

It’s important as Executives and Leaders of Optimate, that we seek to know what internal stories are being told, and why.  If they are ever any negative stories, then what are we doing wrong and how can we change to do better? The stories employees share when we aren’t around measure our success, company health and future growth.

A large gap between marketing messages and what employees really feel is a leading indicator of problems and shouldn’t be ignored.

And no, we can’t be flies on the wall and nor do we want to intrude to listen in to personal conversations between colleagues. Allowing your team to feel free to speak their mind and confide in each other is just as important.

At Optimate, before we think about our external marketing, we focus on our employees, values, and internal stories.  These all make up a strong internal culture.  There is no sound wall between external and internal worlds. If we are hearing the right stories inside, then in turn they are shared experiences outside our walls.

The link between company values and culture

Company culture can be defined as a set of shared values, goals, attitudes, and behaviours. It’s the way people feel about the work they do, the values they believe in, where they see the company going and what they’re doing to get it there.

Optimate’s core values are Accountability, Collaboration, Trust and Transparency

Our culture within Optimate aims to connects everyone to the mission, vision, and our core values. It drives how we interact with each other in teams, within our Executive team and Directors and also with our clients.

We are proud of those values and with our CEO Francois Mevis and our leadership team hold each other accountable to practicing what we preach.

Every decision whether it’s strategy, business model, training, engagement internally or with clients, has culture at the heart of our decision making processes.

The Future of Optimate Company Culture

Statistics speak for themselves (Editor’s Choice 2021).

  • 86% of job seekers avoid companies with a bad reputation.
  • Millennials prioritise ‘people and culture fit’ above everything else.
  • Team leaders have the highest impact on company culture.
  • Having highly engaged employees can lead to a 202% increase in performance.
  • 69% of employees would work harder if they received more recognition.

Flexible work-options, respect, trust, and dignity will remain a huge part of the Optimate growth in the coming 10-15 years.  Company culture will be dramatically influenced by the Internet of Things or IoT. Our smart devices, ability to inter-network within emerging software will open capabilities to even more flexible work schedules to ensure the work is being done regardless of the location.

Our core values also represent a caring culture.  Optimate align our values to support causes that are important to our employees that will directly impact communities.  It is our duty to do better in the world.

Continuous self-improvement, feedback and focus on company internal transparency, diversity and inclusion, lifelong learning pathways for our team and employee comfort will all play significant roles in our growth and evolving culture.

Optimate’s Pledge for Healthy Company Culture

We recognise that a healthy culture enhances our growth and resilience against the ups and downs of business and the ever-changing climate around us.

We seek knowledge from our staff through internal surveys, 1:1’s and informal chats. What are we doing well? How can we do better?

We seek feedback from our clients throughout every stage of projects. What are we doing well?  How can we do better?

We pledge to make culture the heart of our decision makings.  With our staff.  With our management.  With our customers.

We commit to continuing a diverse and inclusive workplace for all.

We remain committed to our core values: Accountability, Collaboration, Trust and Transparency

What do you stand for?

What are your core values?

How will your company culture evolve?

If you’d like to know more about working for Optimate, or working with us on your project, contact us via 07 3192 0000 or info@optimate.net.au