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End of Financial Year – A message from the CEO

As we said farewell to last financial year, it’s timely to share with you some successes, and milestones, as well as looking forward.

It would be remiss not to comment on the ever-changing COVID challenges, but I am reluctant to give it too much oxygen.  No doubt it has impacted us, in particular between the end of 2020 and early 2021, but we came through it and are now experiencing the upswing as companies and communities can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We will remain focused on what we can influence and how we operate within our team for the better. Our focus has been and will remain on the positive impact we make with customers. We will continue to adapt to their needs while remaining focused on our core values of Accountability, Collaboration, Trust and Transparency.


Commercial outlook

A year ago, we set out to increase our customer base, and reduce our reliance on a few major accounts. We invested in business development capacity and capability, and became more mature in our social media presence, we organised seminars and webinars and attended events when suitable.

Obviously, this is part of a multi-year strategy, but so far, the results are encouraging. We have had a 23% increase in active customers.  The quality of the customer base and the nature of the work has improved as well, with a lot of work coming from strategic, long term projects.

The added customers include Fortescue Metals, Fortescue Future Industries (Windlab), Gladstone Port Corporation and Newmont Mining, among others – in size, operation and strategic vision that suit our capability and customer engagement very well.

We wouldn’t be able to accomplish such growth and celebrate our achievements without our gifted engineers and support staff, both in Australia and India offshore.

For the foreseeable future, we’ll remain focussed on our core industries, Power & Energy, Mining and Manufacturing, while we remain diligent in assessing and investigating opportunities in adjacent sectors where our skills and experience are a natural fit. In this context, we’re looking at organic growth as well as partnerships.


Building our capability

We focussed on introducing an even stronger value proposition within our 4 practices; Process Control & IoT, Integration & Storage, Context & Quality; and Information & Insight.

Our team has Re-envisaged the Value of Operational Technology Data for the Digital Future.  We dug deep with clients and took an end-to-end data supply chain lens to overcome the security, quality, data governance, integration, and translation challenges to move the needle from “promise” to “ROI” on their operational data assets.

Looking forward we’ll start to develop more distinct full-service offerings, initially around historian (OSIsoft PI) and OT support, as well as OT cybersecurity management. This is in addition to and often as part of the Data Integration services, we’ll continue to provide across the practice domains.


Operational Support

Providing a hybrid onshore/offshore support offering to our clients isn’t all about cutting costs to adding value to their budget.  We would be naïve to think that only the best and brightest talent lies within our Australian shores and in the era of remote work and technology it makes sense to find the best and brightest also outside Australia to add to our team.

The unique value of our approach has been noted quicker than we thought, and right now we’re accelerating the development of the offering, as well as the underlying process and enabling structure, to take advantage of the interest of our customers.


OT Cyber Security

Partially on the back of the growth of remote working arrangements, cybersecurity is no longer an ‘IT’ issue. It has transcended into the OT and Production space, and with that, it is now more than ever a topic for the Executive Teams and Boards of our customers.

The realisation that OT cybersecurity (and disaster recovery!) cannot be left to traditional IT capability is causing an exponential increase in requests for OT cybersecurity assessments, and follow-up improvement projects.

We intend to increase and mature our capability in this domain, with a focus on having the right certifications and credentials to excel in this highly regulated area.


Of course, this is just an incomplete snapshot across a few topics that are keeping Naomi and myself busy. As we’re finalising our updated strategy, we’ll share this more extensively, and the same goes for past years performance on various levels.

Thank you for your continued conversations, supportive challenges, and great ideas and opportunities, and we hope that the next 12 months will be equally as exciting!



Francois Mevis