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Joel Halpin

Get to know Joel

We welcomed Joel Halpin to the Optimate team almost four months ago now. Joel is based at our Perth office and now he is settled in, we thought it was a great idea to catch up for a chat and find out a little bit more about him.

Tell us a little about you and your background?
My background, you likely know some of it already but I’ll type it for a coherent story. I grew up in Melbourne where I obtained my degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Melbourne. Quickly finding an interest in operational data management I joined OSIsoft as a technical support engineer. It was actually in that role that I first meet Francois, back when he was working at Verve energy he participated in some OSIsoft PI client training that I taught, and he’s still got the certificate to prove it 😊

In that role, I started taking on more international projects and eventually got an opportunity to take a position of team leader at OSIsoft’s head office near San Francisco. Missing Australia I eventually moved back, still working for OSIsoft but more focused on system engineering and helping enterprise customers with their PI AF adoption. It was at that time I reconnected with Francois when we were working on a joint presentation for Western Power, and not too long after he approached me to come work for Optimate.

What are you currently working on?
For what I’m working on, Francois will have to say how much of this we’re allowed to share publicly based on our NDA. I’m primarily working with Molycop to build an Optimate managed, cloud-based PI System hosted in Azure where we take care of everything from the networking to building displays and hierarchies. That platform is used to manage and deliver data to Molycop partners and customers from a sensor platform they are launching that’s able to measure impact forces within grinding mills used primarily in mining operations. This will be an entirely new field of sensor data so there’s a significant academic interest as well as commercial.

What are your thoughts on the future of our industry?
For the future of the industry. I think that as network conductivity and computing becomes ever more prevalent, the traditional lines used to define realms of technology such as OT, IT and cloud, are becoming forever blurred. It is in this that I see a rise in the importance of being able to understand how people interact and get value from their operational data, in order to effectively design digital solutions that meet their needs with the technology that’s available.

Thanks for taking the time Joel and allowing us to get to know you a little better. We are happy to have welcomed you to our team!

NOTE: This whiteboard has been censored as it contains top-secret information.