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Our 2020 Services & Solutions overview

Dear Customers and Partners,

It gives me great pleasure to proudly present Optimate’s 2020 Services and Solutions overview.

Over the past months, we have had great conversations and feedback from our customers and partners, in addition to insightful reflections and evaluations of our knowledgeable colleagues. We have taken those ideas, questions, and feedback, and used it to focus our strategy along the lines of our mission statement: Powering Operational Intelligence.

The potential of operational data to improve business processes, reduce waste and facilitate digital business models is enormous and – still – largely untapped, but can only be achieved through an integrated and coherent strategy from the source of the data to the dashboard or predictive model. That’s why the Optimate Services and Solutions approach is built on four practices that hold the core of our capabilities. From the core of process control and device-generated data, via data integration and acquisition in historian solution, contextualisation and data quality management, to sensible visualisation and advanced modelling that drives better decisions.

But it’s not only what we do, but also how we do it. Driven by our core values of Accountability and Transparency, our approach is collaborative, honest and result-focussed. We understand no one solution will be the same for every client, and circumstances change. The foundation we build with you today will enable a long-term solution for your every data need now and in the future. We welcome you to come on this journey with us and letting us showcase to you how our Services and Solutions will best serve you.

You can learn more about them here:  http://optimate.net.au/optimate-services-solutions/

Or, reach out to me or my team personally for an introductory meeting.

We are with certainty that the road ahead will be full of exciting initiatives from our unified team.

Kind regards,

Francois Mevis – Optimate CEO