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Change of upper level management

Announcement from Steve Miller – Founder and CEO of Optimate Pty Ltd

It is with great pleasure I would like to announce exciting changes within the Management team at Optimate. Our Regional Manager – West, Francois Mevis is stepping into the role of CEO at Optimate Pty Ltd as of the 1st October 2019.

Francois has been with Optimate for 15 months now has as the Regional Manager – West has come to learn and understand our business very well. Having worked with him over the years providing services to assist with his business solutions, we have had many years and many situations with which to test the respect that we had gained for Francois, prior to him joining Optimate.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering effective business solutions that integrate people, processes and technology he has brought significant depth and dimension to the benefit of Optimate. Francois role as Regional Manager – West will remain with him for at least the short term while he evaluates the impact of the growth we are experiencing and the administrative changes we have made.

Naomi Robinson has stepped into the role of Regional Manager – East. Naomi joins us with a depth of experience in selling and delivering software solutions into the mining industry. Her experience in liaising with customers and building teams to deliver to the customer’s requirements will assist Optimate to grow our customer base in new areas and build our team to meet these challenges.

I will move into a Principal Consulting role within Optimate. In leading the data management practice I intend to ensure that the decision automation journey our customers are on, is as resilient as possible to the onslaught of continuous change.

Mark Darlington is also moving into a Principal Consulting role within Optimate. Marks significant experience and pragmatic approach when leading and delivering business outcomes will again be available to our customer base.

Optimate has been delivering Automation and Integration expertise for our diverse and impressive customer base for over 15 years. These latest management changes complete a transition for Optimate to move the Directors / Shareholders out of management roles and to create a more sustainable organisational structure for the future.

Please join with me in extending Francois and Naomi your best wishes and your support for the exciting challenges ahead.


Steve Miller